qWordNotify demo

Time to show the world  my new project qWordNotify. This is improved version of wordnotify coded in Python 2.7 with Qt 4.8. In qWordNotify you can select dictionary which is just a custom written list of words, set delay between messages and start the timer so you will see popup notification messages from your list.


  • Showing messages in system tray;
  • Selecting of needed dictionary;
  • Selecting message timeout* (May be overrided by operation system settings);
  • Selecting message delay;
  • Hiding of main window to system tray;
  • Operating from icon in system tray.

To do:

  • Adding user defined dictionaries;
  • Editing user defined dictionaries;
  • Removing user defined dictionaries;
  • Selecting application language;
  • Using external libnotify on GNU/Linux systems.

Source code is open source and available on GitHub and work on Windows, GNU/Linux, Mac OSX (not tested) and FreeBSD (not tested).download
Precompiled binary package in ZIP archive can be downloaded HERE.


Some screenshot comparison among the platforms:





 Windows XP preview









Windows 7 preview







Ubuntu 14.04 preview

qWordNotify demo