Solving problems with running Nethack

Recently I decided to play some Nethack and instead of using default repositories I downloaded package from official Nethack website.

First of all you need to unpack package to desired directory. I used my local Games:

max@vault:~$ tar xvf nethack-343-linux-X11.tgz

Then edit path to distribution in running shell script nethack:

max@vault:~/Games/nethack$ vim nethack

Change option HACKDIR:


And after all this manipulations you may run and play the game. But I encountered with an error:

max@vault:~/Games/nethack$ ./nethack
Unknown terminal type: xterm.

Solution is pretty simple:

sudo apt-get install ncurses-term
sudo ln -s /lib/terminfo/x/xterm /usr/share/terminfo/x/xterm

For me, ncurses-term was already installed and configured, so creating a symbolic link for xterm in second line does the trick.

Now time  to enjoy a bit of dungeon crawling!


Solving problems with running Nethack

Diablo 2 multiple copies

This is a way to run 2 copies of D2 without any crashes on the same computer.
You need:
2 CD keys for BNet
1 Hex editor

1. Install D2 with key, patch it fully to 1.11 and enter
2. Exit again
3. copy your whole D2 install to another directory, eg “c:gamesdiablo2a”
3. uninstall d2
4. install d2 with the 2nd key

Now you have 2 installs of D2 on your computer but you can’t start a 2nd copy since D2 complains that only one copy can be run at the same time.

1. open d2gfx.dll from c:gamesdiablo2a in the hexeditor. I used UltraEdit32 for this.
2. search for the bytes “C0 74 45”. in Ultraedit: press ctrl-f and make sure the “find ASCII” is UNCHECKED. enter “C0 74 45”.
3. the cursor will jump to offset 84ceh. Change the byte “74” to “EB”
4. save d2gfx.dll again

Now the install with the modified d2gfx.dll can be started while the other one is already running. it will work fine. including the usual “diablo ii.exe -w -ns”

Diablo 2 multiple copies