Solving problems with running Nethack

Recently I decided to play some Nethack and instead of using default repositories I downloaded package from official Nethack website.

First of all you need to unpack package to desired directory. I used my local Games:

max@vault:~$ tar xvf nethack-343-linux-X11.tgz

Then edit path to distribution in running shell script nethack:

max@vault:~/Games/nethack$ vim nethack

Change option HACKDIR:


And after all this manipulations you may run and play the game. But I encountered with an error:

max@vault:~/Games/nethack$ ./nethack
Unknown terminal type: xterm.

Solution is pretty simple:

sudo apt-get install ncurses-term
sudo ln -s /lib/terminfo/x/xterm /usr/share/terminfo/x/xterm

For me, ncurses-term was already installed and configured, so creating a symbolic link for xterm in second line does the trick.

Now time  to enjoy a bit of dungeon crawling!


Solving problems with running Nethack